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WOPAM 2024
Our second year

The WOPAM Project started in 2023 with 150 researchers coming together to record aquatic sounds across 300 different locations, all around the world, on a single day. We are back this year for WOPAM 2024.

Delving into Bioacoustics

This year, researchers all around the world will continue to contribute to a growing global dataset from which we will collaboratively analyze trends and patterns, explore unknowns, and showcase the ongoing work being done within our community. Our collaborators explore how biology, technology and acoustics come together to better understand our changing oceans and the species within them.

Are you a musician or an artist?

We invite people to consider how they connect with sound, and what it means to hear these underwater voices and soundscapes. This year we are also establishing a network of creatives interested in exploring the different ways we connect and engage with aquatic sounds.

Together, we want to celebrate the importance of underwater sound and what it means for both biodiversity and ecosystem health.

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